HR Policy

JV "SMCC" LLP is a company that mines natural uranium. Employees of the Company have acquired invaluable experience in implementing complex projects of various scales and in different fields of activities, most of which are specialists of the highest category, with good theoretical knowledge and practical experience. We employ unique people who are invaluable assets of the Company.


When looking for employees, we use a variety of communication channels.

By placing ads on the official website of the Partnership (, by sending to internal emails, designated websites, to the media;

searching via recruiting companies;

searching in the database of the Partnership is carried out on the basis of CV database, continuously updated by e-mail, or otherwise;

recommendations from employees of the Partnership.


Admission of resumes from persons wishing to participate in the competition

We accept CVs within 10 calendar days from the day of publication of the vacancy


Testing professional knowledge of selected candidates


The selection of the tender committee or employment committee

Candidates undergo an interview with the head of the structural unit.

Upon employment in the central office, the Tender Committee evaluates the candidate based on the test results and interview with the head of the structural unit, after which produces a protocol on nominating the candidates.

Upon employment on the ore mines of the Partnership, the selection of candidates is done by the standing Employment Committee


Making a decision

Resolution of the General Director on hiring the candidate that has successfully passed the selection


Employment formalization

Conclusion of an employment contract and issuance of the employment order