Sustainable development

Message from the General Director to employees on compliance with the principles of corporate ethics


Name of research and development work The goal
Pilot-industrial testing of rhenium extraction technology from sorption queen cells at the Akdala mine To determine the possibility and profitability of the associated extraction of rhenium in the form of ammonium perrenate on an industrial scale to diversify production in order to increase the profit of the Partnership
"Research and development of effective methods for capturing and returning ammonia to the technological process in the production of uranium oxides" Increasing the profitability of processing uranium-containing solutions to finished products in order to reduce the cost in the Partnership
Conducting comprehensive environmental and social research for sustainable development Reducing the costs of eliminating the consequences of production activities;
- reducing the cost of protecting the Fixed assets (FA) as a whole by reducing emergency situations, environmental and social risks;
- improving the efficiency of the enterprise.
Conducting research on optimizing the process of waste management of production and consumption of the SMCC in accordance with the Eco-Codex of the Republic of Kazakhstan Introduction of technologies for recycling and utilization of production and consumption waste, aimed at reuse, the release of valuable components, including the release of energy. Reducing the financial burden for future generations associated with the need to extract, systematize, minimize and reburial waste.
Implementation of the Program of protection of birds from the effects of power lines in JSC "NAC "Kazatomprom"- Installation of bird protection devices at the Yuzhny Inkai mine Preventing the death of birds from exposure to electric current
Installation and commissioning of solar water heaters for shift settlements of mines Reducing carbon emissions into the atmosphere, reducing the cost of purchasing diesel fuel